Summer Village of Silver Beach – Proposed Annexation Application

Application submitted to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal (LPRT)

On September 27, 2023, the Annexation Application Report was submitted to the LPRT.

Annexation application

Please be advised that the Land and Property Rights Tribunal will be conducting a public hearing on Wednesday, November 29, 2023 in response to an application by the Summer Village of Silver Beach to annex land from the County of Wetaskiwin No. 10. 

A letter from the Tribunal is attached with information and instructions about how to participate in the proceeding.

Annexation Public Hearing


February 2022 Update for Summer Village and County Residents

In the Fall/Winter of 2021, Summer Village of Silver Beach provided Summer Village and County residents the opportunity to provide feedback on the Summer Village’s proposed annexation of a single 3.23 hectare (8.0 acre) lot in the County of Wetaskiwin immediately east of Silver Beach Road.  To date, the Summer Village has received one submission from a County resident.  This feedback has been provided to Council and will be included in the Summer Village’s report to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal when the Annexation Report is submitted for their consideration. 

The next step in this process is to collect feedback from agencies and service providers in the area with an interest in the future growth and development of the Summer Village.  Feedback provided to the Summer Village will also be included in the Annexation Report.   

It is the Summer Village’s intent to submit the Annexation Report to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal in March 2022. 

The Summer Village would like to provide an additional opportunity for Summer Village and County landowners and residents to submit any comments or questions regarding the proposed annexation for inclusion in the Annexation Report.  The deadline for submissions is February 25, 2022.  

Details about the proposed annexation can be found on this website, or by contacting the Summer Village Office.  Persons wishing to provide comments or questions can do so by contacting the following: 

June Boyda, CAO for the Summer Village of Silver Beach (

Brad MacDonald, Planner with MPS (


In June 2021, the Summer Village of Silver Beach filed a notice intent to annex a 3.2 hectares (8.0 acres) parcel of land adjacent to the Summer Village currently within the County of Wetaskiwin. 

The proposed annexation area is legally described as:

All that portion of NW2-47-28-W4, as shown on filed plan 1005JY containing 7.33 ha (18.13 acres) more or less excepting thereout:
PLAN 4655HW – Subdivision 4.10 (ha) 10.13 (acres) more or less
Excepting thereout all mines and minerals

The Notice of Intent was sent to the County of Wetaskiwin, Municipal Affairs, and the Northeast Pigeon Lake Regional Services Commission.  A copy of the Notice of Intent can be found here.

What is Annexation?

Annexation within Alberta is a provincially legislated process where a municipality changes or expands its jurisdictional boundaries.  Annexations may occur to accommodate growth, correct boundary errors, or to provide a municipality with jurisdictional control over the future development of an area of interest.

Annexation is not a decision of the municipalities or landowners involved; applications for annexation are sent to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal, an independent and impartial quasi-judicial board established under the Municipal Government Act by the Province of Alberta. The Land and Property Rights Tribunal reviews annexation proposals, conducts hearings, and prepares recommendations to the Minister of Municipal Affairs.  The process and rules for annexation are outlined in the Municipal Government Act and on the Province of Alberta’s website

Why is this Annexation Being Proposed?

This annexation is being proposed to facilitate the future development of a single lot that is current accessed through the Summer Village (via Silver Beach Road).  The proposed future use of a portion of the lot is a single detached dwelling (and associated accessory buildings), with the remainder of the lot to be preserved as a natural conservancy area.  The Summer Village is currently in negotiations with the landowner and nature conservancy representatives to develop conditions for the property’s future private and public use.  These conditions may be incorporated into the conditions of annexation to ensure the agreed upon future land use concept is implemented if the annexation is approved by the Province of Alberta.


What Community Engagement Has Occurred?

The Notice of the Open House was:

- posted on the website as a blog on the main page (;

- created an event for it with the date and zoom link included (;

- sent to all Summer Village owners: emailed if possible, and mailed to those Summer Village residents that don’t have email;

- emailed a copy to the County of Wetaskiwin (Rod Hawken), who mailed out notices to County of Wetaskiwin residents.

Notice was placed in Pipestone Flyer in their September 16, 2021 edition.

On October 4, 2021 an online public engagement meeting was held virtually via Zoom.  This meeting was hosted by the Summer Village and a presentation was given by Jane Dauphinee and Brad MacDonald of Municipal Planning Services (MPS).  MPS is the Summer Village’s planning services provider.  At this meeting, MPS provided an overview of what annexation is, the process used by the Province to review and decide upon annexation applications, and why the Summer Village has proposed this annexation.   Attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments during (and after) the presentation.  A recording of the online public engagement meeting was made to provide community members who were unable to attend the meeting (or who missed portions of the meeting) with the opportunity to view and listen to the information discussed.  This recording can be found here:

Community members were asked to provide their questions and comments regarding the proposed annexation application by November 4, 2021  so that it may be included in a ‘What We Heard’ Report to Summer Village Council.  Feedback can be sent to June Boyda, CAO for the Summer Village of Silver Beach (, or to Brad MacDonald, Planner with MPS (