Public Works


The Summer Village uses an automated garbage pick-up system. Each lot with a cabin will be supplied with one 240 L garbage bin. Residents are responsible for replacing lot or stolen carts ($100 cost). On the garbage schedule, Silver Beach falls within the North Shore category.  If you believe you need an additional bin, please contact the office.  It's an additional $18 dollars a month, payable annually for a second bin.

Summer (May - Oct) Weekly on Mondays
Winter (Oct – May) Bi-Weekly on Mondays

ALL garbage must be inside the can. Any extra bags outside of the can will NOT be picked up.

2023 Garbage Pick-up Schedule

Be sure to adhere to the following guidelines:

a.              Carts must be:
                  i.        Placed along the edge of the road way with wheels in the gutter
                  ii.         Not overloaded so as to prevent the lid from closing
                   iii.      Placed with a minimum of 4 feet clearance on all sides and above the cart from any obstacle including additional bags, parked vehicles, fences, other carts, etc and are placed so as to allow un-impeded access of the collection grabber directly from the side of the collection truck out to the cart
b.              Only waste contained within the respective automated 65 gallon cart will be collected.  Carts filled with inappropriate material will not be collected, such as hazardous waste, propane cylinders, gas, batteries, full aerosol cans and paint.


If your garbage can gets damaged (e.g. a broken wheel), please contact the Summer Village Office at (780) 389-4409 or email:  We will get it scheduled for repair. We will need your name, phone number and house number. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks, as the contractor will coordinate a number of repairs at the same time.


Large Item Collection

Mulhurst Bay Transfer Station Access

We are pleased to advise that the Summer Village has entered into an agreement with the County of Wetaskiwin for use of the Mulhurst Transfer Station.

One access card is available per property.
Please note:

• you must bring the access card with you and may be asked to show photo id. New cards will be issued each year, and will be included with your tax notice.

• the Summer Village will pay $30 per visit for any resident, so please use this service responsibly and only as needed. There are also additional fees for appliances and mattresses that will be charged to the Summer Village.

• the maximum size of a load is a 1/2 ton

Attached is a list of acceptable items and recycling options, along with details of their hours of operation and location.

Large-item collection
There will be one major clean-up in the summer where residents may put their garbage out at the end of the driveway (the same place you would place your garbage bin).  Check the event calendar for the date.

Some examples of ACCEPTABLE items for collection include:
• stoves
• washer and dryers
• mattress and box spring
• furniture
• sinks
• toilets
• barbecues (no tanks)
• lawnmower (all fluids drained)
• rain barrels
• snowblower (all fluids drained)
• lawn furniture
• wheel barrow

The list of unacceptable material:
• stereos
• computers (monitors, towers, key boards,
speakers, mice)
• desktop printer
• car parts
• snowmobiles
• assembled swing sets
• tires
• propane tanks
• fridges
• freezers
• air conditioners
• items larger than 1.8 metres (six feet) in length
• items weighing more than 200 lbs.

See for where to recycle electronics, paints or tires.


The Summer Village of Silver Beach is proud to be a part of the North-East Pigeon Lake Regional Services Commission (NEPL).  All cottages must be connected to the sewer line. The other Municipalities in NEPL include Golden Days, Argentia Beach, Itaska Beach and the County of Wetaskiwin (Mulhurst Bay & District). 

The County of Wetaskiwin manages the NEPL, so if you have any questions regarding your sewer bill, please contact them at: (780) 352-3321.

To report problems with the lift station or sewer line, please call (780) 361-6241 or (780) 387-6317 Monday-Friday 8 am to 4 pm.
After hours call (780) 352-0005.

To help keep the sewer lines clean and problem free, please read this brochure for advice on what should and what should not be going into the sewer system. 

Road Bans

Road bans are weight restrictions that reduce the maximum weight allowed on our roads. Seasonal road bans are applied each spring to protect road infrastructure. These seasonal bans are lifted in late May or early June, depending on weather conditions. 

~April - early June, there is a 50% road ban in Silver Beach, as well as surrounding areas. The remainder of the year the road is at 75%.

For road permits, please contact Roadata Services Ltd.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is done by a contractor after major snowfalls as necessary. Please contact the office if the road needs to be plowed. 

Keep in mind you are responsible to clean your own driveways and sidewalks.  Snow must be kept on your lot, and not pushed onto municipal property such as ditches and public roadways.

Snow ridges will occur at the driveway entrance when the Summer Village snow plough goes through.  Property owners will be required to clear their driveway (the approach) which may include utilizing personal snow removal equipment, seeking assistance from family, friends or neighbours; or contracting a private third-party company to perform the service.