2024 Taxes

The 2024 Combined Tax and Assessment Notices was mailed on May 23, 2024. Please note the date to pay taxes is June 30, 2024.  The date for assessment appeals is July 30, 2024.

Assessments increased on average this year by 1.6% for residential (note that this includes new growth decrease of $254,400), and increased by 3.5% for vacant lots.

The municipal portion of property taxes increased by $3,999.43, which is 1.94%. The education requisition increased by $11,514.30 which is 4.89%. Overall, there was an average increase of 3.51% for property taxes.

Tax Payment Options:
• Join the monthly direct debit tax payment program
• By cheque to the Summer Village Office. Make cheques payable to:  The Summer Village of Silver Beach
• E-transfer to:  If you are paying by e-transfer, your bank may set limits on how much can be sent, so if you need to send multiple payments, please ensure you have enough days available prior to the due date to pay your taxes in full.
• At ATB Financial
   Note: they require a 5 digit account number.  Add zero's to your roll number.  
For example xx000 - where xx is your roll number.

Education Tax

For more information on the Education Property Tax, please visit:

Assessment Complaints:

Property assessment is the estimated market value of property, which is used to calculate the amount of taxes payable to the municipality.

Residential assessment values are based on market values as of July 1 of the previous year and reflect the physical condition and characteristics of the property as of December 31 of the previous year. All properties within the municipality are reassessed annually, using mass appraisal techniques. These assessed values are audited by the provincial government in order to ensure proper valuation practices have been followed. 

For an overview of assessments and frequently asked questions:

If you believe your own or any other assessment is unfair, first contact the assessor via this link:

The assessor will contact you as soon as he is able to review your assessment.

Please note: most concerns are resolved before complaints reach the Assessment Review Board. If, after discussion with the assessor, you still do not agree with your assessment, please speak with the assessor about the assessment appeal process.

Assessment Review Board

For a complaint to be heard by an Assessment Review Board, the complaint form must be completed and filed at the Summer Village Office along with the appropriate fee, as established by Council, no later than the deadline date (as will be indicated on your Assessment and Taxation Notice). If an Assessment Complaint is to be handled by an Agent, the Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization form must also be filed.

Assessment Review Board Complaint Form

Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization

Assessment Appeal Fee: $50 for residential of 3 or fewer

A complaint against your assessed property value does not exempt you from paying taxes on time or late payment penalties. If a complaint is successful, the adjustment will be applied to the tax roll.

Monthly Automatic Debit Property Tax Payment

This program allows you to pay your taxes monthly automatically from your bank account
Fill out this form, and send it in to our office.

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