Senate Candidates Announced

September 21 2021

Elections Alberta has announced the candidates running for Senator. Please check our Election 2021 web page for the latest information....

Development Officer Hours

September 21 2021

The Development Officer will not be available in person this coming Saturday, September 25, 2021.  He will be available by telephone or email: Imai Thomas WelchPhone: (403) 819-8352 Email:

New Covid Guidelines

September 3 2021

Beginning September 4th the Province of Alberta is introducing new temporary measures to reduce COVID 19 transmission in our communities.  The Summer Village Office will remain open, but will adhere to the new guidelines. Please wear a mask if you need to come inside…

Annexation Open House

September 3 2021

The Summer Village of Silver Beach has proposed annexation of approximately 8 acres adjacent to the municipal boundary.  An open house will be held via zoom on October 4th 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Please see the Notice of Public Hearing for details....

Senate & Referendum Election Proclamation

August 11 2021

Your vote matters.  October 18, 2021 at the Sundance Beach Community Centre permanent residents of the Summer Village of Silver Beach will have the opportunity to vote in the provincial Senate and Referendum Election. Take a look at the proclamation for details and…

Wasp Woes

August 11 2021

Wasp and hornet populations are high this year, due to dry conditions.  The City of Calgary has an excellent article on what to do when you find a nest on your property. Alberta Health Services has advice on how to treat stings. Be careful out there!...

Beware Pests in Firewood

July 23 2021

From the Alberta Invasive Species Council:   "With summer in full swing, transporting firewood may seem harmless when you’re out camping or enjoying the smoky flavour on a sweet s’more, but moving firewood from one location to another can inadvertently move invasive…

Fortis Pole Testing

July 22 2021

Keep an eye out for Fortis workers in the coming weeks and months.  They are performing regular maintenance by checking power poles in the area to see if any poles need replacing.  Replacement work will be done if necessary.   Fortis says it will be applying safe…

Official Municipal Election Results

July 21 2021

Here are the official election results for the 2021 Municipal Election: Official Results...

Disposal of Dead Fish

July 14 2021

You can continue to place small numbers of dead fish in with the regular trash. In addition, we have received this direction from the County of Wetaskiwin: Dead fish will be accepted at the Mulhurst transfer station. All fish must be bagged in plastic and tightly secured.…

Fish Kill

July 13 2021

Pigeon Lake has had a substantial kill of White fish due to the hot weather. If you find a few fish on your beach, you can put them in with your regular trash for pick-up on Mondays.  Please contact our office if the number of fish washing up on our shores becomes…

Office Closed

July 8 2021

The Summer Village Office will be closed tomorrow, July 9th 2021. We're sorry for any inconvenience...

Development Officer Hours

July 8 2021

Development Officer Imai Welch Will be available in the Summer Village Office on the following dates, from 1pm to 4pm to answer any questions or help with permit applications. July 17 & 31 Aug. 7 & 21  Sept. 11 & 25 Phone: (403) 819-8352Email:

Fire Ban Removed

July 5 2021

The fire ban for the Summer Village has been lifted.  Continue to follow FireSmart procedures to keep our community safe.  For more information on FireSmart please follow this link....


June 30 2021

Due to recent hot, dry temperatures and future forecasted weather conditions: Effective Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 3:00 p.m., the Summer Village of Silver Beach declares a TOTAL FIRE BAN within the entire Summer Village of Silver Beach boundaries. This ban includes…

Point Project Update

June 24 2021

As you may be aware, one of Silver Beach's residents purchased the "point" property.  The Summer Village is working with the owner, and has provided notice to the County of Wetaskiwin to annex the land into the Summer Village.  This would then have the land managed…

Election Day 2021

June 21 2021

The Summer Village of Silver Beach is having an election for three positions on Village council. The following candidates have been nominated: David Lee Bunnin Robert Allan Gibbs Barbara Martinson David Charles Rolf Election Day is Saturday July 17th at the Royal Canadian…

Mulhurst Bay Road Work

June 10 2021

Please find attached Public Notice for upcoming work in Mulhurst Bay which may affect Summer Village residents traveling in and through Mulhurst Bay.  The road won’t be closed but the work may be an inconvenience....

Road Ban Lifted

June 4 2021

The spring road ban has been lifted.  Trucks may enter the village at 75 % of the maximum allowable weight....

Spring Newsletter

May 27 2021

Hot off the presses! Check out the Spring Newsletter....