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Substitute Returning Officer Needed

April 13 2021

Three Summer Villages on the North side of Pigeon Lake are wishing to appoint a Substitute Returning Officer (SRO) for upcoming municipal elections.


On-line training will be provided on the 27th and 28th of April 2021.  The elections take place during the summer.  There are three separate election dates:


  • Summer Village of Silver Beach – Nomination Day June 19th, Election Day July 17th
  • Summer Village of Sundance Beach Nomination Day June 26th, Election Day July 24th
  • Summer Village of Itaska Beach Nomination Day July 24th, Election Day August 21st


The SRO must be able to fulfill the duties of the Returning Officer in case of illness or other absence.


 The Returning Officer has many responsibilities listed in the Local Authorities Election Act:


  • Appointing election workers (Presiding Deputy, deputies, constables and others as required)
  • Establishing voting stations
  • Ordering election supplies
  • Giving notice of nominations
  • Receiving nomination papers
  • Declaring acclamations
  • Giving notice of Election Day
  • Doing all things necessary for the conduct of an election
  • Must be independent and impartial


If this opportunity appeals to you, please call June Boyda (780) 312-0928

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