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Land Use Bylaw Committee Members Needed

April 30 2021

The Summer Village of Silver Beach will be revising the Land Use Bylaw.  We are looking for community members who would be willing to sit on a committee to help draft the changes.


The focus of the changes will include:

  • update to include the latest regulations as required in the Municipal Government Act;
  • address any issues and public concerns with existing Land Use Bylaw;
  •     update to include environmental aspects for the betterment of the lake that could be included, arising out of the Discussion Guide for Land Use Bylaw Watershed Regulation, prepared for the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan Steering Committee;
  •     other itemsthe committee recommends.


Councillor David Rolf will be on the committee, along with advice provided by Development Officer Welch.  The final document will be reviewed by our Subdivision and Planning Authority: Municipal Planning Services Ltd. to ensure that the draft is consistent with the requirements in the Municipal Government Act, and that the proposed Land Use Bylaw does not include inconsistencies or procedural errors.    

Meetings will be held via zoom; once a committee is established, the members themselves can set the dates of the meetings to match their schedules.

If you are interested, please email: and we will get your name added to the committee list; we appreciate your time and assistance on this project.

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