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Beware Pests in Firewood

July 23 2021

From the Alberta Invasive Species Council:  

"With summer in full swing, transporting firewood may seem harmless when you’re out camping or enjoying the smoky flavour on a sweet smore, but moving firewood from one location to another can inadvertently move invasive species to new areas with harmful results for both our forests and urban trees.

Always remember, never bring firewood to a national park and it is against both Canadian and US laws to bring untreated firewood across our common border.

If you do need to move firewood, don’t move it more than 80 km, less than 20 km is ideal. Trees in our forests and urban landscapes are dead or dying from invasive forest pests and disease, so please be aware of firewood movement restrictions and buy local, burn local!"

For more information from the Alberta Invasive Species Council, please check out this update

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