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CFO - Information from the PLWA

May 27 2022

Further to the Summer Village's earlier objection to the Confined Feeding Operation and calls received by Council and Administration, -- Information received from the PLWA

As you may be aware, an application for a confined feeding operation (feedlot) of over 4000 head of cattle in the Pigeon Lake watershed is being considered by the Natural Resource Conservation Board (NRCB). This feedlot would be located near Sunset Harbour Creek and the Provincial Park. The risk of adverse impacts of a proposed feedlot in this location is high including impacts on human health, lake health, property values and area economics.

The community has spent substantial funds to protect the land, the recreational value of the lake, and the economic health of the region. A confined feeding operation (feedlot) proposed near Pigeon Lake will unravel this work. PLWA needs your support to ensure the Natural Resource Conservation Board declines this application for a feedlot.

Thanks to all who wrote statements of concern to the NRCB in an attempt to stop this development. Council submitted a Statement of Concern and the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association submitted a Statement of Concern and CFO Adverse Effects Background Report. In the near future, we may need to go further and appeal the NRCB decision. The process for a legal appeal is challenging and the timelines will be tight.

We are very pleased to see that the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association has taken a lead role in the opposition to this development. They have already committed hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to align people, seek professional and legal advice, reach out to a variety of stakeholders and inform both residents and the province of the dangers of this proposal. 

Council fully supports the PLWA in their community call to action of lake residents.

The Summer Village has contributed $2,000 to the PLWA for a legal defence and expert opinions against the Confined Feeding Operation.

Residents are asked to help the PLWA Defend Pigeon Lake and its Watershed by:

It is estimated that $40,000 is needed from lake residents to help PLWA Defend Pigeon Lake and Watershed. Should you wish for more information you can contact anyone on council or the PLWA itself for more information.

It is up to ALL of us to stand together to defend our lake and I strongly encourage everyone to donate what you can to help with this cause. 

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