The Summer Village uses an automated garbage pick-up system. Each lot with a cabin will be supplied with one 240 L garbage bin. Residents are responsible for replacing lot or stolen carts ($100 cost). On the garbage schedule, Silver Beach falls within the North Shore category.

Summer (May - Oct) Weekly on Mondays
Winter (Oct – May) Bi-Weekly on Mondays

ALL garbage must be inside the can. Any extra bags outside of the can will NOT be picked up.

AutomatedGarbage_small  2020 Garbage Collection Schedule


If your garbage can gets damaged (i.e. a broken wheel), please contact GFL Environmental Inc. at: (780) 444-8805 or email:, and they will get it scheduled for repair. They will need your name, phone number and house number. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks, as their maintenance person will coordinate a number of repairs at the same time.

Big Bins

There will be one spring major clean-up. On the May long week-end, the Summer Village will supply a large bin, where residents may put their garbage. The bin will be there from ~ Friday afternoon to Monday morning. It is for residents use only.

The list of unacceptable material:

Toxic Waste
Paint cans
Oil Containers
Antifreeze jugs (These are recyclable if rinsed of contaminants) etc

Bio Hazardous
Medical Waste
Dead Animal
Needles Etc

TV’s etc



The items listed above needs to go to specialty depots or collection sites. See for where to recycle electronics, paints or tires.

* extra charges will apply for the above being put in the big bin and be charged directly to person, or if not known, than to Summer Village which will pass the fees on through taxes

NOTE: There will be no dumpster provided in the fall.

Road Bans

During spring break-up (~April - beginning of June) there is a 50% road ban in Silver Beach, as well as surrounding areas. The remainder of the year the road is at 75%.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is done by a contractor after major snowfalls as necessary. Please contact the office if the road needs to be plowed.
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